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At Cash City Cairns, we pride ourselves on being a secondhand dealer and pawnbroker that is fair, friendly and easy to deal with.

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Selling Secondhand at Cash City Cairns

Selling Secondhand has never been easier! Don’t let your unwanted secondhand items sit around and gather dust as they gradually depreciate in value. Contact the friendly team at Cash City Cairns to turn them into cash today!

  1. Call us to obtain an indicative quote.
  2. Bring your goods in for a firm appraisal.
  3. Show your Identification.
  4. Walk away with cash today.

At Cash City we understand people sell their secondhand goods for all sorts of reasons. If you only need to raise a bit cash to tide you over to payday, you may want to check our pawnbroker service to obtain a short term loan on your goods.


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